Frugal Quiz

How Much Money Could You Save?

Looking at your monthly expenses is a great way to save money. You aren’t just saving money on a one time bill. If you make a few small changes, you will save every month for the rest of your life. That turns out to be really powerful. The calculator below is meant to show you exactly how powerful.

Short Disclaimer: The calculator is for informational purposes only. Specific prices and suggestions are specific to New York, but the ideas can be applied anywhere and will have a similar effect. If any information is out of date, feel free to contact me and I will update it. Additional taxes and fees may apply.

Below, fill in the fields with your monthly budget for each item (numbers only). Feel free to skip any of the fields. If you skip a field, it simply won’t show up in the results, but the rest of your calculation should be fine.

Cable/Internet/Landline Phone: $
Cell Phone: $
Electricity and Gas: $
Gym Membership: $
Restaurants and Groceries: $
Cleaning Services: $
Laundry: $

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