Things to Do in NYC in the Summer

Things to Do This Summer in NYC

Things to Do in NYC in the SummerIt’s finally here: summer!

I love summer in New York. Yes, it can get hot and muggy and yes, I tend to overheat more than the average person, but it beats the freezing cold and friends are more willing to go on adventures with you!

Best of all, I happen to work for a company that has Summer Fridays. The term, “Summer Fridays” means different things for different companies. Some companies allow you to choose 4 Fridays during the summer to take off. Some give you every other Friday off.

Personally, I get out of work at noon every single Friday.

This year, I have committed to taking advantage of my summer Fridays with some great, cheap activities that I can do either by myself or with friends who also have summer Fridays! After a brainstorming session, I came up with a list of great activities for my Summer Fridays that you can use any day of the week this summer!

Brewery Tastings

I love craft beer and lucky for me, more and more craft breweries have been popping up in the outer boroughs. Here are the trips I plan on taking:

  • Bronx Day: Gun Hill Brewing Company opens their tasting room at 1pm on Fridays in the summer. Then, after a nice tasting there, I will be off to the Bronx Brewery, which opens at 3pm.
  • Queens Day: Rockaway Brewing Company is strangely located in Long Island City. I will grab a growler there (not sure yet if you are allowed to drink it on the premises). I’ll probably then head out to Big Alice Brewing that sells bottles ONLY on Friday, starting at 5pm (get there early before they sell out). Then, I will head way out to Ridgewood, Queens to check out the tasting room at Finback Brewery, which also opens at 5pm on Fridays.
  • Brooklyn Day: I have already been to Brooklyn Brewery and it tends to get crowded, so I am skipping that one. However, I still want to hit up Threes Brewing, which has its own full bar (this might be a good spot to meet friends who don’t like craft beer. They can get other drinks). They open at 3pm. Then, I plan on heading over to SingleCut, which opens at 4pm on Friday.
  • Staten Island Day: Long time readers know that I love riding the Ferry to Staten Island, so I am happy to make the trek for the sole brewery out there, Flagship Brewing Company, which opens at 5pm (I will likely do another Staten Island activity before the brewery visit).

Beach Trips

I grew up on Maui, so beaches are a way of life for me. Ok, so NYC beaches are not as pretty and WAY more crowded than Maui beaches. Still, it is amazing how accessible they are.

Rockaway Beach: Take the A Train to Brooklyn and go ALL the way down to easily get to the beach. Although it wouldn’t make the New York Budget “cheap eats” cut, I have always LOVED Rockaway Taco’s fish tacos. Sadly, there is news that Rockaway Taco will be closed for 2015, reopening in 2016. But fear not! Apparently one of the co-owners is opening Tacoway Beach nearby. I will definitely be trying that out!

Franklin Roosevelt: Take the Staten Island Railway to Dongan Hills and walk south on Seaview Ave. I have never been to this beach located on Staten Island, but I have a sneaking suspicion that with most Staten Island attractions, it will be much less crowded than beaches in the other boroughs. I will report back.

Orchard Beach: Another beach that I haven’t yet been to! This one is in the Bronx and will require a pretty lengthy trip on the 6 train, followed by a decent walk through Pelham Bay Park (that part should be fun). Again, with the degree of difficult getting out there, I am hoping it won’t be too crowded.

Smaller Island Trips

Governor’s Island: I plan to take a whole Friday off for this trip because in the morning, you can rent a bike for free for an hour to explore the island on! After that, I am going to spend some SERIOUS time in what they call “Hammock Grove”. I bet you can guess what that’s all about.

Randall’s Island: I definitely want to do this trip with friends. In addition to simply exploring the island, there are BBQ areas that would make for a fun time and mini golf that I definitely want to try out!

Manhattan Adventures

6 Train Abandoned Station: It is embarrassing that I have yet to see the 6-train abandoned station. Just stay on the train after the last stop on a southbound 6 train to check it out!

The Cloisters: Another embarrassment. The Cloisters look beautiful. This might be the most touristy destination on my list, but it definitely needs to happen.

Miscellaneous Activities

Neighborhood Wander: I will pick random starting points in the city and start walking. The rule is that if a crosswalk gives me a “Walk” sign as I reach the corner, I have to cross in that direction and then continue straight for at least one block. I am looking forward to seeing some interesting parts of NYC that I might not have otherwise seen this way!

Bike the Perimeter: I have already walked the perimeter of Manhattan a number of times. For an easier, faster trek, I plan on renting a bike from Waterfront Bicycle Shop and seeing if I can complete the whole thing in 4 hours (so that it is only $20) and doing a lap!


Staten Island Yankees: Get 10 friends together and you can each pay $24 to see the Staten Island Yankees play, have ALL you can eat stadium food and soda, AND get a message put up in lights (the last time we went, we poked fun at a friend of ours). On most gamedays, they even have a fireworks display after the game! It’s a ton of fun.

Cheap Eats

I have a number of cheap eats spots to visit in the outer boroughs, which I will have time to do on Fridays now! Keep an eye out for specific reviews of those coming up.

That’s my list. Let me know if you have any great summer ideas in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Things to Do This Summer in NYC

  1. Fervent Finance June 8, 2015 at 5:23 pm

    Thanks for the tips! I would add Belmont Racetrack. It can be cheap if you want it to be!
    Fervent Finance recently posted: The MIA to LGA DebacleMy Profile

    • Mr NYBudget June 8, 2015 at 7:25 pm

      Good call! I have actually never been and I feel it is probably an important thing for me to do as a New Yorker!

  2. Wendy L. July 13, 2015 at 6:43 am

    Hi! Harriman State Park just added a weekend shuttle bus from the train station in Tuxedo. I used it last weekend and for the first time I got to hit one of the shelters for an overnight trip. Well worth it. I caught the shuttle back to the train station on Sunday.

    • Mr NYBudget July 14, 2015 at 9:59 am

      I saw that! I definitely want to try out the new shuttle bus. Glad it went smoothly for you!

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