Saigon Banh Mi

Cheap Eats: Banh Mi – Vietnamese Sandwich

“Cheap Eats” is my post-series on cheap restaurants and prepared food options in New York. I recommend cooking your own food most of the time, but every once in a while it is nice to indulge and you don’t have to pay through the nose to do so. I plan to review many of the cheap options I find on various websites and will let you know if they are as good and as cheap as advertised. If you have a suggestion for a place to review, feel free to let me know through my contact page.


I’m cheating today. I admit it and I am sorry.

Usually, I keep the total price a secret until the end of the post, but since, I am cheating, I feel like I have to disclose that…

I spent $5.50 on lunch for this edition of Cheap Eats.

I’m sorry that I didn’t keep it $5 or under this time. But it’s my blog and personally, I think this cheap eat is worth the extra $.50

Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich Deli
Lower East side for some Vietnamese fare!

Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich Deli – 369 Broome St (map)

I was walking down Broome and almost gave up. I saw 371 Broome St and saw the next couple of storefronts. no Saigon! Don’t worry, just cross the street and go a couple doors down. You will find Saigon!

I had heard that the best sandwich to get was the very first on the menu: Banh Mi Dat Biet. It has grilled pork, salami, and ham. My mouth was watering before I even saw it! On the menu, it’s even called the “House Special”. Sold.

Saigon Banh Mi
Here it is in all its glory!
Saigon Banh Mi Side View
I tore off a piece so you could see a side view with all the meat

Alright, alright! Three kinds of meat – let’s do this!


How was the ordering experience? Pleasant. The lady behind the counter took my order and when the sandwich was ready, she brought it to me directly, coming out from behind the counter. Small touch, but a nice one!

How unique is the food? I have been meaning to feature Banh Mi on this blog for a while. I’d say in the grand scheme of things, it is pretty unique. And soooo good. Southeast Asia is high on my list of places I want to visit and the food is a big part of the reason why.

How delicious was the food? Delicious! Fair warning, I LOVE cilantro. I realize that some people think it tastes like soap. So, be warned. If you are a cilantro hater, this sandwich is not for you. But three different kinds of meats plus some crazy veggies including spears of cucumbers made me VERY happy.

Did it fill me up for $5 or less? It was VERY filling, but as I mentioned, the final cost was $5.50. The more I think about the sandwich, though, the better I think the deal is overall. The sandwich is a BIG sandwich, though, so you will be sated after eating it.

Conclusion: Ah, the Lower East Side – so annoying for me to get to from home, but a great destination for cheap eats. Luckily it’s not too far of a walk from work. This Banh Mi is delicious and no matter what city you are in, if you haven’t tried Banh Mi, do some research and find it. It’s worth it! Did I mention this one has THREE different kinds of meats? So yeah.

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3 thoughts on “Cheap Eats: Banh Mi – Vietnamese Sandwich

  1. Warren Lee May 20, 2015 at 12:33 pm

    I miss NY food so much, I used to drive there to visit friends a couple times a year when I lived in the States. When I get back stateside New York & Chicago are going to be the first places on my stomach’s must-go-to list. That sandwich looks awesome(And I haven’t eaten lunch yet).
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