Empowerment and Compassion

Empowerment for You, Compassion for Others

Empowerment and CompassionIt’s time to take control.

It’s time to reject your limiting beliefs.

It’s time to stop using the state of the economy, the situation you were born into, rotten luck, and a whole host of other B.S. factors as excuses for why you can’t make your financial situation better.

The fact of the matter is, no matter what life has thrown at you, there is ALWAYS room for improvement. Stop wallowing in your defeats and instead try to see how you can gain some victories, even if they are small at first.

No one reading this has maxed out their financial potential. Not one person, including (and especially) me, can say, “I’ve tried everything, implemented every financial strategy. My level of financial success is maxed out here”.

You can go higher. You can learn more. You can internalize more (even if you know something intellectually, that doesn’t mean acting on it is second nature to you).

But you can’t be perfect. If your the type of person that reads a ton of blogs and tries hardcore budgeting one week, increased savings percentage another week, etc, then you may be suffering from perfectionism. You may always be looking for the PERFECT strategy. The fact is, there are many ways to improve your finances. But none of them will work if you don’t commit to them.

Let’s say the mythical “perfect” strategy exists out there. Who wins, the person who bounces around for 5 years looking for that strategy and finally implements it? Or the one who chooses a strategy that is 90% effective for them and sticks with that, not losing out on 5 precious years of savings? Reading blogs and listening to podcasts is great, but not if it’s at the expense of taking action.

You can do this. Your finances are in your control!

Here’s where most successful people stop, though. They implement and they accomplish, and they succeed. Their eyes are OPEN to the fact that they are empowered and that their wealth is affected by their actions.

Then, they wonder, “why don’t other people do this”? They see the poor, the less fortunate and start to dismiss them. They see how much a person can control his/her situation and decides that the less fortunate just must be lazy, pathetic… “less than”.

It’s because they don’t truly understand mindset and limiting beliefs. They have conquered their limiting beliefs, the mental hurdles that held them back from financial wellbeing. There is no tangible reason that the less fortunate shouldn’t raise up. But the less fortunate live in a different world.

They live in a world where taking control of your finances DOESN’T effect change. They live in a world where they have been beaten down and can’t see any paths towards success. Those paths aren’t open to them and telling them to “go out and hustle” or to “get a job” isn’t going to change that. It doesn’t resonate with them.

I consider myself EXTREMELY lucky. It doesn’t mean I haven’t worked hard and put in the time and effort to improve my situation. I am lucky because my parents, family, and friends created a world where I was able to believe in a world where I do have control. As a result, I have the opportunity to be more successful, not only in my personal finances, but in EVERY aspect of life. I am truly lucky.

So, the most useful mindset I have encountered so far is to take control of your situation, but have compassion for others who can’t.

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