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Side Hustle #3 – My Band

banned from the zoo bandThis is the third post in my side hustle series, dedicated to revealing my side hustles and shedding some light on them! This post originally published on, but I am posting a blurb and a link here in case you haven’t read it yet!

Like most New Yorkers I know, I didn’t grow up in the Big Apple. In my high school years, I lived in a Boston suburb, and before that, I spent 10 years of my childhood on the island of Maui in Hawaii. And before you ask – yes, it was amazing, and no, I didn’t wear coconut bras every day (some of the questions that I get about Hawaii are bizarre).

However, in 4th grade, while most of you were learning to play the recorder at school, I was learning how to play the ukulele. After getting my very own ukulele for Christmas, I proceeded to play for about another year before losing interest. It turns out, I just wasn’t interested in making it as a solo artist.

In high school and college, I started listening to more and more rap. I enjoyed fast, technical rappers as well as rappers that had interesting ideas and messages. While my parents weren’t thrilled with some of the content of the songs I was listening to, my mom did make an observation about my speech. As I learned the lyrics to rap along to my favorite songs, my mom commented that the mumbling problem that I had as a teenager had improved greatly.

I Accidentally Join a Band

banned from the zoo band

Years later, I found myself moving in with a work buddy in a tiny Manhattan apartment. I found out that this friend had been a casual, but talented singer/songwriter throughout his youth and could handle a guitar pretty damn well.

“Dude, you have an uke?!” he exclaimed when he found out, “we have to jam together!”

With his motivation, I dusted off my old uke and picked back up where I had left off, a decade and a half ago. We started covering pop songs as well as originals that he had written. We added a bassist, drummer and another vocalist and suddenly, I found myself in a band, much to my surprise.


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  1. bawa April 4, 2016 at 5:19 pm

    I love that hip hop fixed your mumbling problem =)

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