Watch the TV You Love AND Save $100,000

CordcuttingDo you still have cable TV? Are you serious? You need to cut the cord, yesterday. There is so many terrible shows that you probably don’t even realize are terrible because you are sucked in. Plus, you can watch the vast majority of those terrible shows via other means anyway.

Many of you out there have broken free of Time Warner’s TV service, but I can hear the rest of you whining. Fine, you love your TV and how easy it is to just flip on cable and channel surf. Well, how much is it worth to you? Let’s do some math.

Back when I had cable, I paid $120/month for it. I had the HBO package plus Internet. Checking the Time Warner site, it looks as though you can get an introductory package for similar cost. Now of course, once the intro price runs out, you should call and renegotiate, but most people don’t do that, so the cost ends up being even higher. We’ll stick to the $120/month for now.

What’s your alternative? How about we go with Internet only (after fees and modem charges, $25/month). Why don’t we add on a Netflix streaming subscription ($8/month) and a HuluPlus subscription ($8/month). Personally, I think the free version of Hulu is MORE than sufficient, but we are being extravagant here. Next, you are going to want to purchase a Roku, so you can watch everything on that TV of yours.

Total difference between the two options: $79

That extra $79 per month may not sound like a whole lot. But if you stay the course and invest that $79 each month for 30 years at 8%, you end up with:


Over $100k after 30 years! Ok, so you won’t be able to watch Game of Thrones or Boardwalk Empire, but you WILL be able to watch House of Cards and Orange is the New Black instead. And you can always find a friend (or bar) in NYC for your Game of Thrones fix.

Even if you didn’t have HBO originally or you want faster Internet, your savings will be tremendous. If you only save $40/month and invest it, you still end up with over $50k after 30 years.

So what are you giving up by cutting the cord? Let’s see:

  • Countless hours flipping through channels, not finding anything good
  • The worst reality shows you can imagine.
  • The ability to see some shows at the very moment they come out. You may have to wait a day.
  • Annoying commercials
  • Having to schedule your day around a show if you don’t have DVR (I didn’t even touch the cost of DVR in my calculations!)
  • Part of a show getting cut off if you do have DVR (and the timing doesn’t work perfectly)

Recently, I stayed at a hotel and thought it would be a treat to have cable TV back, just for one night. It was awful. You truly don’t realize how bad the shows randomly watch are until you create some distance from them for a while.

Now, I will admit that the one reason I didn’t cut the cord until about 2 years ago was live sports. I was dumb. After canceling my cable TV subscription, I simply plugged in the cable to the back of my TV and guess what, I still had network channels. I am completely covered for NFL games on CBS and Fox. I get good college basketball on CBS and for everything else? I can catch a game at a friend’s place or at a bar!

So cut the cord. Cut it now. It’s satisfying to do because Time Warner is so evil anyway. Now, if there was just a way to avoid having to purchase Internet access from them.

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