Don’t Be a Stranger

284215629_6e68619b1aHey New Yorkers,

My regularly scheduled Friday post is coming up, but for all current and future readers, I wanted to encourage you to give comments and ask questions – any questions! I love talking about saving money in New York, but, as you might expect, I also love talking about the city of New York and exploring it. I love talking about saving money in general. Many of the ideas here can apply to non-New Yorkers as well. I love talking about sports. I love talking about homebrewing and playing music (two of my hobbies). My pipe-dream is to build a community (no matter how small) through this blog. I know I have a ton to learn from other New Yorkers and creating a two-way dialogue is a great way for all of us to benefit!

So reach out about ANYTHING. Really. Via:

Twitter: @newyorkbudget

Facebook: The New York Budget


Google Plus: The New York Budget

Or by commenting on any of the blog posts!

Talk to you soon!

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