Save Money. Live Richly in NYC.

3916914747_d9094002f2New York is amazing. I always hesitate to say it is the best city in the world because I haven’t lived in every city. Hell, I’ve only ever lived within the United States. But never have I lived in a city that is so vibrant and full of options and opportunity. The food is so amazing and varied. The nightlife is mind-blowingly expansive. The people are wonderfully diverse. The only problem is that it is just too expensive to live here.


Not necessarily. New York can be WILDLY expensive if you aren’t conscious about your spending and lifestyle. But take some time to look at your spending habits and you will see that saving money is an option here, too.

“But Mr. NYBudget”, I hear some of you saying, “what’s the point of living in NYC if you have to stifle your spending and lose out on what NY has to offer”?

First of all, New York has more to offer than any resident can take advantage of in his or her lifetime. Every day a new activity or opportunity pops up in this awe-inspiring city. Just because an opportunity is cheap or free, doesn’t mean it is less enjoyable than one that is expensive. It is time for you to put in the effort to make conscious decisions about your entertainment.

In addition, there are so many ways to save money on your month to month expenses (buck up and stop taking cabs everywhere, dummy) that you will start having more leftover to treat yourself to the expensive options that you TRULY prioritize.

I look forward to sharing ways to save money, both generally, and as it applies to New York City living. This is not a “Top 5 Things to Do For Free in New York City” one-off post (although I do like those). This is a detailed, 360 degree look at the finances and lifestyles of people here in “The Greatest City I Have Ever Lived In”. When you are conscious about your spending, you might find (as I did) you come up with new ways to enjoy New York even more.┬áThere are great ways to save money and enjoy what the city has to offer.

I’m looking forward to it.

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