Rent a Car for Dirt Cheap in NYC

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Living in NYC and not having to own a car is a DREAM! I have no time for bringing my car into the shop, paying

Monthly Update – November, 2014

In this update: stocks look good, no change in real estate, my monthly update, I wasted some money this month, and the only Christmas song I actually like. November was good for stock

Turnkey Real Estate Investing: Closing & Next Steps

Property #2 has certainly been a journey, hasn’t it. It goes to show, if you want COMPLETELY passive investment into the real estate market, go with REITs. However, if you are willing to put

What Early Retirement Will Look Like

As I remain focused on my goal to save money, invest it safely, and “retire” early. I often come across people who have unwavering opinions about the whole financial independence and early retirement mindset.

Cheap Eats: Lychee Pork

“Cheap Eats” is my post-series on cheap restaurants and prepared food options in New York. I recommend cooking your own food most of the time, but every once in a while it is nice to indulge

7 DIY Gifts that Don’t Suck

You all know that I am a fan of experiential gifts. However, I didn’t want to leave people who are into physical gifts hanging this holiday season. When you think about a DIY gift,

Turnkey Real Estate Investing: Hiccups and Inspection

You cannot let minor setbacks derail you. In life, there will be obstacles. There will be events that don’t go according to plan. I have found that far too many people use this as

I Am Extremely Lucky

Every year, as we approach Thanksgiving, I try to do the typical mind exercise. I try to figure out what I am thankful for and practice humility a bit. This year, in particular, I am

Turnkey Real Estate Investing: Paperwork & Appraisal

I am a bit behind on my turnkey updates! I apologize and promise to catch you up on everything that has been happening and continue to take you through the process. First, I want

Our Priorities Have Been Pre-Programmed

Here at The New York Budget, I talk a lot about priorities. The best way to avoid wasteful spending, is to first decide WHAT wasteful spending means to you. If you value something, then